Commercial Landscaping

Commercial Landscaping Florence SC

Looking for Commercial Landscaping Florence SC?  Not sure what you want but you know that your curb appeal is not up to par.  No worries. We can help with that and give you some amazing and great ideas for what fits into your budget. 

Finding a great balance of hardscapes and plants will certainly give your commercial building the proper look that it needs to be warm and inviting.  If you have a commercial building that is simply overrun with weeds and poor landscaping we can help with our Commercial Lawncare services.  

When your building isn’t neat and approachable, then your business will suffer.  Studies have shown that when there are two gas stations in the town and one is very clean, landscaped well and nicer looking, it is busier.  This is just how humans work.

So, let’s get your exterior freshened up and improve your curb appeal to bring in more walking business. If you are not a walk-in business but perhaps a factory, you still want it to look nice to your visiting clients and we can help. 

Design Ideas for commercial landscaping 

Our Commercial Landscaping Florence SC services are perfect for this.   We will take into account your building and the functions of the area around it.  Things such as parking lots and picnic areas if needed are things that we will workaround.  These are very common things that you find in commercial properties. Because of this, we have had to do this quite a lot, which is not a problem.  We want your landscaping to reflect your business feel as well.

Sometimes certain color plants of flowers make sense because of the brand coloring and we take that into account too.  We want your landscaping to be a reflection of you and what your business is. If you prefer plants over hardscapes, let us know.  We like to have as much input as possible when designing and building the landscaping. This allows us to capture the look that will be not only a great reflection of your business but of you as well.  

Commercial Landscaping Florence SC is quite different from residential landscaping.  We are often working with a larger area and need to take into account the parking and how the area will be utilized as a whole.  Things such as your sign should be clean and in clear view in order for people to see that your business is at that location. We don’t want to plant a tree, for example, that will cover the sign as it grows is another great example of the small differences.  

Easy maintenance options

Commercial Landscaping Florence SC should be easy to maintain.  You don’t want to have to pay someone for maintenance. Sometimes, automatic underground sprinkling becomes needed or maybe a water feature in general.  There are many different and unique ways we can dress up your commercial building to get more traffic to your establishment. We are a professional Commercial Landscaping company ready to take a look and draw up some ideas on how to help.  We work with all kinds of different types of companies to get your landscaping looking amazing, clean and professional.  

When you are looking at your building do you see things that need improvements?  Sometimes our clients come to us with their own ideas, which is great! If you have seen things that you liked about other buildings, take a picture and show us.  This makes our job as a Commercial Landscaping Florence SC company even easier when the client has a vision. However, if you don’t have a vision we have landscaped many commercial properties and we can draw off that knowledge.  We have a portfolio that is full of design ideas as well.  

Updated commercial landscaping

Landscaping can get outdated, run-down or just doesn’t work with space any longer.  We can help with this as well. Our professional Commercial Landscapers business is dedicated to making Florence SC beautiful again.  We work hard to ensure that everyone’s landscaping is up to date, clean and professional. The outside of your building is a reflection of your company.  If it is a mess, people will think that you run your business in that fashion as well. However, this is not the case and we both know it. But, to the everyday regular people who are your customers, that’s their psychology. 

Cleaning up your landscaping can make your business look professional is what we do best.  Give us a call and let’s take a look at what we can do for you. Call today!