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pawleys island sprinkler systemsA green and healthy landscape requires plenty of water to keep it hydrated throughout the spring, summer, and early autumn months. When you neglect your lawn, you may be left with large areas of dead grass, trees, flowers, and shrubs. Once this vegetation wilts, it can be difficult to impossible to bring it back to life. Look no further if you need a sprinkler system in Pawleys Island.

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Rather than compromise the beauty and health of your landscape this year, allow us to help you keep it thriving and green all season with our professionally installed sprinkler systems. Contact us today to find out how an automatic sprinkler system can take the guesswork and hassle out of taking care of your lawn and garden this year.

A Sprinkler System Overview

A sprinkler system is sometimes called an irrigation or water sprinkler. It is a large and complex system of plumbing components that when all put together work in unison to hydrate and keep your lawn and garden healthy and green.

The system itself can be made up of a variety of parts including pipes, valves, and of course sprinkler heads. A programmable sprinkler system will also have a built-in timer that allows it to activate and deactivate at certain times of the day.

Irrigation systems can be used on a wide variety of properties. It is not uncommon to find them installed in both residential and commercial lawns. Many agricultural and industrial property owners will also have these systems installed so they can keep their expansive landscapes hydrated as needed.

Along with keeping your property properly watered, a sprinkler system can also help protect the landscape from environmental risks like flying debris. In particular, during dry times of the year, one of these systems can reduce the amount of dust and dirt that fly around your property. It also can protect the yard from hot spots during times of drought, which can keep your landscape safe from uncontrolled grass and tree fires.

Professional Installation of an Irrigation System

Because of the critical role, this system will play in your landscaping, it is important that you allow us to professionally install it for you. Some property owners make the mistake of trying to install their systems on their own. However, they many times lack the skills and knowledge for putting in an irrigation system properly.

When you buy a sprinkler system from us, you get a fast and friendly installation that comes with a money-back guarantee. We promise that your system will be an asset to your property and that it will serve you well for years to come.

Our skilled installers also know what areas of the property to look out for when installing a sprinkler system. For example, you do not want it to be installed in areas of the lawn where the sprinkler heads could not hydrate the rest of the property. Installing sprinkler heads right next to a building, for example, only manages to get the home or office building wet and not the rest of the landscape.

Likewise, you want to avoid areas like ditches where water can pool and cause problems like moss buildup or mosquitoes. Our installers will first evaluate the entire property to find strategic places to install the sprinkler heads. They then will make sure the sprinkler system properly irrigates the entire lawn or garden before they finish their work.

Sprinkler System Repairs

As durable and beneficial as your sprinkler system is, it will at some point need to be serviced. For the most thorough sprinkler system repair, you can count on us to diagnose the problem and remedy it right away.

Our experienced water sprinkler professionals know what parts of the system to inspect and what areas commonly need irrigation repair and servicing. For example, they may need to repair sprinkler heads that have become laden with debris like grass clippings and dust. They can take off the heads, clean them out, and then reinstall them so the entire system can work like new.

Sometimes the fix needs to be made with the valves or hoses in the system. These components may spring a leak or come loose. Our repair professionals can inspect these parts and make sure they are working correctly before they sign off on the repair work.

If needed, our technicians can also replace faulty parts within the sprinkler system in your yard. Hoses may need to be taken off and replaced with brand new ones, for example. Whatever the job calls for, our highly trained repair pros are ready to get your irrigation system back in good working order.

Winterization of Irrigation Systems

During the wintertime, you may have no use for your irrigation system. After all, your lawn and garden go into hibernation during the winter months. There is no sense watering a landscape that is effectively dormant until spring.

Moreover, the cold weather can wreak havoc on a sprinkler system that has not been winterized. Pipes may freeze and start to crack and leak. Sprinkler heads likewise may come apart and no longer work when you turn on the system next spring.

Rather than face expensive repairs once warmer weather arrives, you can head off these problems by having the system winterized during the late fall. We offer winterization services to all of our irrigation system customers in the Pawleys Island area. We can come directly to your property to make sure the system is ready to survive whatever the winter months have in store.

We protect your system by shutting off the water to it first. We then insulate the system in protective materials that will protect the pipes from freezing and maintain the integrity of the valves, hoses, and other irrigation parts. We offer this service as part of our guarantee to maintain your irrigation system all year long.

An irrigation system can make taking care of your landscape easier. Do not let your yard and garden wither and die this season. Call us today to learn more about our professionally installed water sprinkler systems today.