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Thank you for checking us out for your sprinkler systems in Georgetown, SC. Taking care of your landscape can be a time-consuming and physically exhausting task. Along with mowing and weeding the property, you also have to make sure it gets enough water during the season.

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However, watering your landscape can take time and energy you cannot afford. You could instead ensure its proper hydration by having sprinkler systems professionally installed throughout your property.

What is a Sprinkler System?

A sprinkler system is a type of irrigation system that is typically used to water expansive landscapes. They are commonly used to irrigate properties like golf courses, residential and commercial yards and gardens, and even agricultural operations.

The typical sprinkler system, which may also be called water sprinkler or lawn sprinkler, consists of numerous components like:

• Pumps

• Valves

• Pipes

• Sprinkler heads

These systems are designed to apply water evenly throughout the property in a manner that is similar to rainfall. A properly installed irrigation system will avoid over-watering or drenching one part of the property while depriving another area of water. The water ideally should fall evenly and consistently each time the system is activated.

In some cases, an irrigation system can also be used to control airborne debris like dust and dirt. It is useful in areas that are prone to dry, dusty weather or experiencing drought conditions. They can also be used to cool parts of a property to prevent fires.

However, their primary use is designed for irrigating properties that are too large to water with a single garden hose. They offer numerous benefits to people who decide to invest in them for their landscaping needs.

The Benefits of Sprinkler Systems

A professionally installed irrigation system can offer a number of advantages to property owners. The primary benefit involves no longer having to haul out and lug around an awkward and heavy garden hose to water the property.

Depending on the size of your landscape, a garden hose may simply be too small and inefficient to provide enough hydration. You may have to spend hours with the water turned up to the highest level in order to get the main areas of the yard properly hydrated.

Even more, the garden hose may not be long enough to reach all of the areas of the yard. When you want the entire property to be watered sufficiently, you could benefit from having an irrigation system installed.

Additionally, irrigation systems today can be programmed to turn on and off during certain times of the day. A programmable sprinkler system saves you from having to go outside to turn the system on and off each day. When you opt for an automatic sprinkler system, you can have its controls set to activate before the sun rises, for example, and then turn off after a half hour to an hour in order to save water.

Finally, an irrigation system ensures that every inch of the property gets enough water each day. The system has numerous sprinkler heads that are strategically installed throughout the landscape. They work together to irrigate and water the property evenly so the grass and vegetation grow evenly and avoids drying out in hot weather.

Professional Sprinkler System Installation and Repairs

As beneficial as a sprinkler system can be to your property, its usefulness is only as good as the manner in which it is installed. Installing one of these systems takes expertise and knowledge you probably do not have. Even with instructions, you may not be able to get the system installed properly so that it functions as it should.

Instead, you should have your irrigation system professionally installed by an experienced water sprinkler or irrigation service like Wards Lawn Service. Our contractors will evaluate your property to determine where to install the sprinkler heads. We also will determine in what areas to lay the pipes, valves, and other components that allow the system to work properly.

We also will identify what areas of your landscape to avoid like under trees or in ditches. Areas like these can compromise the function of the irrigation system by clogging up the sprinkler heads or causing water to pool. Instead, our installers will look for areas of the yard that will allow the water to disperse evenly without the sprinkler heads becoming laden with debris like dust, dirt, and tree sap.

Finally, professional installation of these systems usually comes with a money-back guarantee. Your system may be under warranty, which means you can get a full system irrigation repair at little to no cost to you.

You can call our company anytime you need a fast and convenient sprinkler system repair. The contractors can quickly respond to your call for assistance and repair sprinkler heads, valves, pipes, and other parts of the system that seem to be malfunctioning.

A sprinkler system can be a valuable asset to your property. You can save yourself time, energy, and money by having one of these systems installed throughout your landscape. Give us a call today or go online to learn how a professionally installed irrigation system can make your property healthier and greener throughout the season.