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sprinkler system murrells inletThe appearance and health of your landscape are crucial to the value of your property. When you keep it in good condition, your property may be worth more money. When it becomes brown and dies, however, your property may be appraised for much less.

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Keeping your landscape in the best shape possible, however, takes time and skill that you simply may not possess. Rather than allow your yard, garden, and the rest of the property to wither, you can contact us today to have any of our convenient and effective sprinkler systems installed.

About Irrigation Systems

A sprinkler system is otherwise known as an irrigation system or water sprinkler. As its name implies, it irrigates the property in which it is installed. We provide sprinkler system installations and repairs for Murrells Inlet. SC.

These systems are commonly found on all types of properties including:

  •  Residential
  • Commercial
  • Agricultural
  • Industrial

These are expansive networks of plumbing and made up of a variety of parts like valves, hoses, pipes, and sprinkler heads. These parts all work together in the plumbing network to water properties of all sizes.

Further, these systems can be designed to be automatic and programmable. A programmable sprinkler system will come on and turn off at the times of day that you choose. You could, for example, have the automatic sprinkler system activate itself first thing in the morning before the sun rises. Your lawn and garden will get plenty of water before the sun rises and evaporates it.

Likewise, you can set the timer to turn the system off after it has run for a predetermined time. This feature lets you save money on your water bill and prevents the landscape from getting too much hydration.

We offer both programmable and automatic water sprinkler systems to our customers in the Murrells Inlet area. Call us or visit our website to learn more about the available systems we can install for you today.

The Advantages of Owning an Irrigation System

You might wonder why you should install an irrigation system on your property. What advantages can it offer to you that you could not find with a regular garden hose and sprinkler you can find at your local big box store?

In fact, our irrigation systems are designed to make lawn and garden care faster and easier. Who has the time or energy to haul out a garden hose and water an entire piece of property?

A hose may not belong or powerful enough to get the entire property hydrated enough to keep it alive. You just end up wasting time and money that you could have saved with a professionally installed sprinkler system.

Moreover, a garden hose cannot mimic the pace or reach of an irrigation system. Our systems are designed to copy the pattern of rainfall when it falls on your landscape. The water comes down gently and at a steady pace, allowing the vegetation and ground to soak up the hydration.

However, the system does not over-water the property and cause pooling of water in places like the ditch or edge of the yard. It creates an even layer of hydration that benefits the grass, flowers, trees, and other vegetation.

You cannot get this level of hydration with a regular garden hose and store-bought sprinkler. Learn how our irrigation systems are designed to ensure the health and beauty of your landscape today.

Professional Installation

We offer professional installation of our irrigation systems to all of our customers in Murrells Inlet. Why should you have yours professionally installed by our skilled irrigation technicians?

To start, our technicians take the time to evaluate your property to determine where the entire system should be placed. They make sure the sprinkler heads are located in areas where they can get the farthest reach for their sprays of water. The heads are not planted in areas like the ditch or along the side of a building where the water cannot reach to other parts of the landscape.

Further, they make sure the plumbing system is planted deep enough in the ground to stay out of the water of lawn mowers and other equipment. You do not want anyone to trip and fall over exposed pipes in the yard. Our technicians make sure the system is hidden away enough to not obscure the safety or beauty of the property but still high enough in the ground to do the job you expect of it.

Finally, our technicians back up their work with our customer satisfaction guarantee. If you ever need irrigation repair for your system, our technicians will be ready to do whatever it takes to get it back in good working order. They have the skills and experience needed to ensure your system lasts for years.

Professional Repairs

As durable and high-quality as our irrigation systems are, they may at some point need any number of repairs. Our technicians are trained and experienced in sprinkler system repair work. Whatever is wrong with your system, our techs are available to inspect and make the needed fixes quickly.

They know how to repair sprinkler heads quickly and efficiently so your landscape does not lose any time in staying hydrated. They can take off the heads, find out what is causing the malfunction, and then replace the heads back onto the valves so you can get the irrigation system turned on again.

They also know what fixtures to inspect if your yard becomes flooded or no water comes out when the system is activated. Most repairs can be made in a matter of hours rather than days for the safety and convenience of your landscaping needs.

A sprinkler system can be a worthy investment for your property. You can keep your landscaping green and thrive throughout the season. You avoid spending a lot of time and money in the effort and instead enjoy the convenience of having automated and programmable irrigation at your service. Call us or go online today to learn more about our sprinkler water systems.