Irrigation System Florence SC

If you are looking for an irrigation system in Florence, SC, look no further. When it comes to keeping your lawn and plants looking great Ward's Lawn Service spares no expense to make sure the job is done right

You might recall your childhood when watering the lawn meant attaching a garden hose to a sprinkler and letting it run for an hour or two. While it was fun running around the yard and getting hit by water those sprinklers were wasteful with the water and inefficient at keeping your grass healthy and growing. Today’s sprinkler systems are environmentally friendly and do a far better job of getting your grass exactly the amount of water it needs to stay lush and green even during the most blistering of summer heatwaves.

We have decades of experience in landscaping so when you call us to take care of your irrigation system needs, be it an installation of a whole new system, overhauling and renovation of an older system, or just making a few touch up repairs on some damage you found, you’ll be hiring the very best to take care of all of the irrigation systems you need to keep everything looking exactly the way you want it to.

We will use our state of the art software to map out the proper sprinkler system layout for your lawn to ensure maximum coverage without wasting water. Once we have the layout for your sprinkler system designed we will give you the price upfront with no hidden fees or unexpected charges to trip you up down the line. Working in an honest and transparent manner is why we’re one of the highest-rated and most trusted irrigation system companies in South Carolina.

Installation will be handled in a friendly and professional manner. We know your time is valuable so when we set a deadline we meet it. Getting your sprinkler system operation in time is something we take pride in. Whatever sections of your lawn have to be dug up during installation will be reseeded and touched up so that your whole lawn will fill in nice and evenly.

sprinkler system

Once everything is all set it’s up to you how you want the sprinkler system to operate. We can give you controls that allow you to make it a fully automated process that waters the lawn at regular intervals throughout the day. You can even have an app downloaded to your smartphone to track when your sprinklers are being used and can activate them with just the push of a button. The power to be as proactive or as hands-off as you want to be is all yours.

If your old system isn’t working the way it should or you have sprinkler heads that are broken we’ll be more than happy to come by and fix things for you. We can handle whatever job you throw at us, nothing is too big or too small. From a complete renovation of the irrigation system to getting a single sprinkler head to stop misfiring.

We’re here for all your sprinkler and irrigation system needs in Florence, SC..