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Taking care of your lawn is our top priority. When we’re hired to make sure your lawn looks great all year long we take that task seriously.

Lawn maintenance is something we’ve done for decades and we know all the ins and outs of the lawns of South Carolina. We’ve been serving the good people of Florence for all these years and we hope to be able to work for you and with you to get you the kind of lawn you can be proud of.


When it comes to patios and walls we have all the different options for stone and slate in a wide variety of colors so that you can find both the shape and the color of the stones you want. Setting up a beautiful patio is no trouble at all with our team of experts, and a beautiful and functional wall can be put up in a fast and budget-friendly manner. If you’re looking to go bold with a more advanced project like an outdoor kitchen or deluxe grill set up. We got you covered there as well.


You could set up outdoor lighting that will allow you to enjoy your backyard longer into the night or make it possible to swimming in your in ground pool late at night. You could also have the lights as a security measure for your house, using them to turn on when they detect motion in the area so that anything from animals attempts to ransack your garbage to criminals looking to break into your home are deterred from trying to do these things.

Whatever the reason for your outdoor lighting system we can handle it. We’ve been installing outdoor lighting all over Florence, South Carolina for over a decade and we’ve helped many Palmetto State residents get the outdoor lighting set ups they desired. It’s our mission statement to get you the best possible lighting setup at a price that is reasonable for your budget.


When it comes to keeping your lawn and plants looking great we spare no expense to make sure the job is done right You might recall your childhood when watering the lawn meant attaching a garden hose to a sprinkler and letting it run for an hour or two. While it was fun running around the yard and getting hit by water those sprinklers were wasteful with the water and inefficient at keeping your grass healthy and growing.

Today’s sprinkler systems are environmentally friendly and do a far better job of getting your grass exactly the amount of water it needs to stay lush and green even during the most blistering of summer heatwaves.