Lawn Maintenance

Taking care of your lawn is our top priority.

When we’re hired to make sure your lawn looks great all year long we take that task seriously. Lawn maintenance is something we’ve done for decades and we know all the ins and outs of the lawns of South Carolina. We’ve been serving the good people of Florence for all these years and we hope to be able to work for you and with you to get you the kind of lawn you can be proud of.

When you have hired us to take care of the lawn the first thing we’ll do is check out the soil and see exactly what sorts of nutrients it has and which it lacks. Every lawn is its own separate challenge and we can tailor our care to handle exactly what your lawn needs. We can get down better soil if needed and work to smooth over all of the property to make sure that your lawn grows in nice and even. Getting a good baseline understanding of what it’ll take to make your grass grow is vital to getting the job done right.

Once we have completed our testing of the soil we can roll out our all natural fertilizers to allow your grass to establish deep roots that will be able to hold water and nutrients. While looking at your beautiful grass is important to you, we know the real story of your lawn is what is happening underground. We’re here to make sure your grass has the proper foundation to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at it. From punishing heat waves, to bitter cold, to pests and plant diseases we’ve seen it all and can handle it.

When your grass is nice and healthy and your lawn is growing in we’ll be there to take care of all of the upkeep. You can check out our pricing plans for weekly or bi-weekly mowing. Weed removal and treatments for your plants to prevent them from being overrun by pests while allowing helpful insects like bees to do their good work for you. There is no reason for you to have to spend your summer in the oppressive heat struggling to keep your lawn looking great. It’s our job to handle these things and let you rest on the porch, in the pool, or in your air conditioned home while we do the work of keeping everything looking amazing.

We strive to make sure all the chemicals we use are safe for your family and pets.

Your children and pets can run around your yard without fear of anything happening to them as a result of our lawn care process. Everything we do is done to preserve and protect the integrity of the environment around us. When you work outdoors you learn to respect nature and we take that task seriously.

When you are ready to have a great lawn with great people working tirelessly to keep it that way give us a call and we’ll get the process to make this year the best year your lawn has ever had.